Statement by Captain Alistair Bendall, captain of a Technomar 35meter yacht.

MY Revolver is a 35 meter Technomar Velvet, she was originally built with trim tabs, these were removed and up graded to Humphrees, during a large mechanical refit.

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Electric Fin Stabiliser

Humphree’s New Electric All Speed Fin Stabilisation system. Proud winner of Dame Design Award 2015.

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Our mission is to provide reliable marine products and solutions that ensure impressive speed, comfort, handling, economy and require minimum installation time and no specialist for commissioning.

By utilising and integrating our technology, experience and competencies in fluid dynamics, hydromechanics, electronics, control, simulation, and automation, we aim to give our customers world class solutions and services that make a difference enabling you to stay ahead of the competition.

Our commitment is to be highly flexible and to add value to your projects by providing early assistance with simulations, tank or tunnel testing, performance predictions, or onboard measurements to quantify real-world ship performance.

We aspire to translate the imagination and dedication of our staff into a continuous chain of successful and unmatched technology solutions delivering “speed at sea”.

”I was most impressed with the new system, course keeping, general handling and improved economy. For example a 360º turn with Interceptor at 40kn gave a speed drop of approx 1kn, whereas with water jet alone this was close to 7kn. The larger fins also aided in reduction of crabbing in beam and quartering winds, the autopilot also seems to hold course better, most noticeable in following seas.”
Captain of the Fortuna, Richard Cross