Overall WINNER DAME Design Award!

2015 DAME Design Award WINNER - Humphree Electric Stabilising Fin & Interceptor System

“Best ACTIVE Stabilization System Supplier 2013 & 2014”

Humphree has been awarded "Best ACTIVE Stabilization System Supplier 2013 & 2014"

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34 feet Down Easter “No Idea”

I deploy less than 20% of blade for ATOS but the real treat is BTOS! Unreal!!!

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Electric Fin Stabiliser

Humphree’s New Electric All Speed Fin Stabilisation system. Proud winner of Dame Design Award 2015.

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Interceptor guide


Humphree offers serveral different models and sizes of Interceptor's to be able to give your vessel the lift it needs to get up on plane faster or to reach that optimum running trim that will save fuel for you.

You are probably familiar with a traditional flap or trim tab and what it can do for your boat, the Interceptor gives you all that but with a couple of advantages over the trim tab. Find out more under How it works.

Standard or Extended Series

To create lift for the vessel there are two main criterias of the Interceptor, the width and the deployment of the interceptor blade. The later dimension, the deployment, is the main criteria which differs the Humphree Interceptors into two series, Standard and Extended.

Adding to this, the width of the Interceptor is to be choosen for your vessel to get the lift you want, a wider Interceptor means more lift. Also to remember, that a wider interceptor with less deployment is more effective to create lift than vice versa.
The width of the Interceptor is in many cases also determined by the avalible space on the transom and for this you can choose between several different sizes.

Series:            Deployment:            Width:                           Typical boat:

Standard                 50 mm             350 mm - 1500 mm        40 feet - 150 feet
Extended                75 mm             750 mm - 1500 mm        60 feet - 200+ feet

Choose the right model

The choice of Interceptor to your boat is depending on several different main criterias, such as lenght of waterline, weight, longitudinal center of gravity and operating speed.

Standard series:
Boats with less weight to the lenght of water line, that operates in higher speeds without an excessive trim we recommend our Standard series. The Standard series can also serve bigger vessels, where an installation with three or more Interceptors can be fitted to the boat to provide to necessary lift.

Extended series:
For heavier boats, where the operating speed is lower or if you just are in need of more lift, we recommend our extended series. The Extended series are also of a more robust design to stand the harder operating conditions that often commercial vessels are exposed to.

Short or Long shaft

Humphree Interceptors are designed with the actuator on the inside of the boat. This gives you several convenient advantages when it comes to service or trouble shooting the system, as this can be done without dry docking the vessel.
The shaft on the interceptor passes therefore the transom and depending on the thickness of the transom, Humphree offers two different length on the shaft to fit the thickness of the transom.

  • Short shaft, maximum transom thickness of 64 mm.
  • Long shaft, maximum transom thickness of 127 mm.


The main parts of the Humphree Interceptor is constructed in composite material which means that it is maintainence free for changing zinc anodes, as the material is not affected by salt water. However we recommend to check the system on yearly basis to keep it in trim and to discover any possibly damages to the system. 
If there is any damage to the Interceptor, Humphree can supply any induidual parts that you might require for service. 

Please find more information about service in our operators manual, which can be found under downloads.


The Humphree Interceptor can be installed within 1-3 days depending on the amount of pre-work that needs to be done. To see detailed information about the installation steps, please see our installation manual which can be found under downloads.