Overall WINNER DAME Design Award!

2015 DAME Design Award WINNER - Humphree Electric Stabilising Fin & Interceptor System

“Best ACTIVE Stabilization System Supplier 2013 & 2014”

Humphree has been awarded "Best ACTIVE Stabilization System Supplier 2013 & 2014"

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Gladding-Hearn Shipbuilding

“The Humphree Interceptor system is the best new product we have used in the last 10 years”

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Electric Fin Stabiliser

Humphree’s New Electric All Speed Fin Stabilisation system. Proud winner of Dame Design Award 2015.

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Interceptor Installation

For more detailed information please download our installation manual.


The Interceptor should be placed as far out to the chine as possible for maximum control of trim and list. The area for mounting needs to be flat for the Interceptor to work. The mounting consists of a number of bolts which placement is predefined by the design of the Interceptor, if this predefined bolt pattern interferes with the structure of the boat a mounting plate can be used. The mounting plate is placed between the transom and the Interceptor and holds the bolt pattern for the Interceptor.

Servo Unit

The servo unit "the electronic actuator" is mounted to the shaft of the Interceptor on the inside of the transom. Each Servo unit needs to be connected to 12-24 VDC power supply. 24VDC if an ACTIVE system is installed.

Control Panel

The Control Panel is to be mounted on the bridge control panel, easily accessable for the captain to change the trim of the boat. A Fly bridge Control Panel is optional. A drawing of the Control Panel can be found under Downloads.
The Control Panel is powered through the system cable. 

System Cables

Humphree Interceptor system can be delivered with factory cables. The installation requires one transom cable for each servo unit, this cable connects one servo unit to the next one. It also concludes the power supply to each servo unit and therby also to the rest of the system. From transom up to helm Control Panel the standard cable is used and comes in length of 1, 3, 5, 10 meters and in steps of 5 meters up to 45 meters. 

RCU (optional)

The Ride Control Unit is included within the ACTIVE system. The Ride Control Unit reads the boats movements and it should be installed in the center of the boat for the best accurate reading. It is wired to the Humphree system by a Y-split cable and a standard cable from transom up to helm station.
The RCU is powered through the system cable.

ICU & VPI (optional)

Interface units, Interface Control Unit (ICU) and Volvo Penta Interface (VPI), is used to connect the Humphree system to other systems. This is required for example when CTOS or Steering Assist is to be used.
The ICU is powered through the system cable and the VPI is powered through the Volvo Penta MULTILINK cable.



For more detailed information please download our Installation manual.