Fantome cat

"...over the pass 7 months we have seen significant fuel savings (10-13%) from this vessel..."

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Electric Fin Stabiliser

Humphree’s New Electric All Speed Fin Stabilisation system. Proud winner of Dame Design Award 2015.

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Overall WINNER DAME Design Award!

2015 DAME Design Award WINNER - Humphree Electric Stabilising Fin & Interceptor System

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“Best ACTIVE Stabilization System Supplier 2013 & 2014”

Humphree has been awarded "Best ACTIVE Stabilization System Supplier 2013 & 2014"

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New boat control system

Humphree proudly releases the new boat control system!

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New efficient offshore service vessel from Penguin Shipyards

Humphree Interceptor Type Approved

Humphree introduces HA350!

Humphree USA LLC, new office in the United States

Order from Chinese Rescue and Salvage Bureau

Enviro Cat by Aluminum Boat Australia

NEW Interceptor model HA350